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A leadership is someone who brings people together.

Would you like to advertise to thousands of users across the world?
Indexor's new advertisement system has been built to provide you with more opportunity to discover new websites and give our advertisers a chance to be discovered. Please read more about this new and exciting advertisement system.


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Why is this different?


We offer a personalised homepage service free of charge to all users. With our increasing traffic and new users we wanted to offer a personalised service to anyone that wants to advertise their website. This is a different approach to advertising from anyone else. Every advertiser can be bookmarked which makes their website more popular from the other advertisers.


How does it work?


Your advert will be ranked by how many users bookmark your website. Registered users can bookmark your website to their personalised homepage.
As an open source advertisement system, we also want to provide the advertiser with an opportunity to boost their rankings from their own website by offering a bookmark link to add into their own website, this allows you to increase your bookmarks and popularity from the other adverts.


Services that already use Indexor


We are listed in (AddThis) & (Conduit App Market)


Our service has been approved by AddThis, you can find our website from the AddThis bookmark directory, to find our service type in “indexor” This is the type of service we already deliver but this time we would like to offer a more personalised service within the control of our hands.

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